I’m Thomas Juranek.

I'm a software developer based in beautiful Colorado. I have a passion for creating high-quality, innovative software solutions and am always looking for new challenges to tackle.

My technical education background isn't very traditional. I learned the basics in high school and later attended a bootcamp in Minneapolis. Through various online courses I've honed my skills to become a strong developer.

My different positions in my career have exposed me to frontend, backend, and infrastructure work as a developer. I appreciate the variety of industries and company sizes I've contributed in. Most recently, I've been working on open source data visualization projects in the internet of things space at AWS.

Through my education and career I've learned a ton from other developers or founders. I'm at a time in my life where I feel like it's time to join them and build my own projects. I anticipate being able to share my experience and knowledged gained along the way on this site.

My 2023 is going to be focused on creating. You can follow along by reading my blog, joining the newsletter, and checking out my social media.